Welcome to London!

We have assembled a series of quests to help you discover the best that London has to offer. There is a main mission and a series of side missions, each containing quests that – when completed – will earn you points towards your rank.

Here are the ranks, presented in ascending order, with the number of quests required (to achieve that rank) in parentheses:

  • Rank 1: Baron/Baroness (5)
  • Rank 2: Viscount/Viscountess (10)
  • Rank 3: Earl/Countess (15)
  • Rank 4: Marquess/Marchioness (20)
  • Rank 5: Duke/Duchess (25)
  • Rank 6: Prince/Princess (35)
  • Rank 7: King/Queen (50)

Note: there are 75 missions in total, but it is not necessary to complete every single mission in order to achieve the highest rank. In fact, some missions are presently impossible to achieve, and are noted as such in the description.

This first map contains all of the quests. Here is the key to understanding what each icon means:

– Home

– Luggage Storage

– Main Mission

Alice in Wonderland Quests

– Banksy Quests

– David Bowie Quests

– Harry Potter Quests

– Music Quests

– Royals Quests

– Shakespeare Quests

– Sherlock Holmes Quests